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User Guide



Siren is a multi-platform software. It has been used on OS X and Ubuntu Linux.

Siren and ReReMi are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Siren and it’s core mining algorithm ReReMi are implemented in Python.

The interface is built with the wxPython Open Source GUI toolkit, ensuring cross-platform compatibility.

The matplotlib library enables to generate high quality figures, seamlessly integrated in the interface.

Source code

The source code is hosted in a Git repository on InriaForge. You can clone it.

Siren (v4.3.0) .tar.gz

The source code has been packaged using Python distutils. To install, unpack the downloaded archive and run python install from within the created folder.

Siren requires a number of python libraries: scipy, numpy, matplotlib, wxPython, mpl_toolkit.Basemap and sklearn (scikit-learn). Make sure they are installed and accessible before you run Siren.

You can find help under Siren‘s Help menu or online.

For OS X

Siren (v4.3.0) .dmg (OS X 10.11, El Capitan)

Siren (v4.3.0) .dmg (macOS 10.12, Sierra)

To install, download the above disk image and copy the file Siren to your Applications folder (or anywhere else outside the disk image). Once that is done you only have to double-click the program icon to run Siren.

To run the program, double-click the program icon.

You can find help under Siren‘s Help menu or online.


Note for users of OS X with Gatekeeper activated (10.7.5 and newer)

The Siren application is not digitally signed. Therefore, users with OS X Gatekeeper active cannot run the Siren application by double-clicking it. An attempt to do so will result in an error message. In order to open Siren for the first time, you need to right-click (command-click) the Siren icon, and select “Open” from the contextual menu. You only need to do this for the first launch after every re-installation of Siren.

More information about Gatekeeper can be found at”.


For Linux

Siren (v4.3.0) .deb

With a debian-based distribution run the following commands as root to install

dpkg -i the_latest_siren_deb_package.deb

Afterward, you might need to run, to fix dependencies, i.e., install missing required packages

apt-get -f install

Or use a tool like Ubuntu Software Center to open the package and install the application.

If everything went fine, you should find a Siren entry in your Applications menu.

You can find help under Siren‘s Help menu or online.


For Windows

Siren (v4.3.0) .exe

Download and run to install Siren.



* Adding view for list of redescriptions (with clustering by support differences)
* Handling several redescriptions lists to a package
* Some bugs fixes, especially support subsets in tree diagrams, and bug on closing intab fig (Mac)
* Not yet fixed documentation, which is getting very outdated

* Adding reconnection capability to work server
* Better support of data reset/reload
* More flexible printing of reds / reading of data
* Improved reporting of support with missing values
* Fixed various bugs (icons and drag and drop in OSX, bucketing of numerical variable for initial pairs, sparse storing of numerical variables, support sets with missing values in tree diagrams, reordering row indices when parsing list to Boolean variable)

* Various bug fixes

* Support for the selection and manipulation of multiple redescriptions
* Support for multiple lists of results
* Showing the contribution of the literals in parallel coordinates plots
* List views (preliminary version)
* Filtering on support distribution over folds

* Projection of numerical variables with heatmap and histogram
* Various minor fixes
* Adding small features (caching projections, printing out support, drawing E00 on maps, etc.) 
* Changed hosting

* Visualization tab and splitted frame
* Learn/Test splits, interface and integration to vizualizations
* Initial target vectors for trees based on categorical and sparse numerical variables. List sorting and cut-off.
* More efficient filtering of results on return of a result, comparing only what as changed.
* Fixed various bugs (naming of tree algorithms, saving data to package)

* Fixed various bugs (server info on failure, DW unchange on saving package)
* Added main entry-point for server

* Integrated more tree-based mining methods
* Visualization for trees
* Distributed computation
* Modified visualization layout
* Fixed the previous tree-based methods
* Fixed a bug in loading data

* Integrated tree-based (CART) mining methods from T.Zinchenko MSc Thesis

* freeze_support for multiprocessing in windows
* Bug fix with log outputs and multiprocessing
* Enable negations by variable types
* Flip negation of Boolean variables in the Parallel Coordinates View
* Updated help files

* Modified input/output
* New parsing for the queries based on GRAKO generated parser
* Removed Custom and XML data formats, everything to CSV

* Bug fix for class variables in threading

* Various bug fixes

* Dialog for setting up (possibly remote) workers

* Added parallel coordinates visualization
* Added various projections visualization (scikit)
* Entity selection by picking dot or drawing polygon
* Disabling entities to recompute support on restricted area
* Side selective automatic expansion
* Automatic expansion with subset of entities emphasized
* Interactive modification of literals'bounds in view

* Added option to change colours in plots
* Changed the icon for Siren data files (OS X bundle only)
* Updated GEOS to 3.3.6 (OS X bundle only)
* Updated Python to 2.7.3 (OS X bundle only)
* Updated wxPython to (OS X bundle only)
* Updated Basemap to 1.0.5 (OS X bundle only)
* Various bug fixes

* Added support for importing CSV files
* Various bug fixes

* The initial Siren release

The latest release for each platform are listed here. Previous versions can be found in this folder.

Feel free to contact us for support or with feedback, bug reports and questions.